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Crescendo rehearses every Monday 5 pm to 8 pm (apart from July & August) and we give a warm welcome to all newcomers.  Why not come and watch us go through our paces and chat to members of the Choir.  You may even like to join in.  No choral experience is necessary – nor the need to read music - to come and sing with us.  You’ll be given a song sheet to practice with the choir – or just sit back and enjoy!

The new location for our rehearsal is Sacko's Bar ,Plaza International, Urb el Limonar, 03184 Torrevieja Alicante



Below are the names of the people who help to make Crescendo a fantastic choir.

Mary  Mitchell   President    
Jose  Kay   Secretary    
Coby  Overdijk   Treasurer    
Irene  Oliva   Musical Director    
Sandra  Martin   Concert Manager    
Phyl  Webb   Membership Secretary    
Rob  De Bruin   Librarian    
Helen  Tudor   Friends Secretary    
Stevie  Horsfall   Webmaster    

Mary Mitchell - La Presidenta can be contacted on 627 014 053


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